Tiny Hand masquer ♔

the stars celebrate jamie benn’s goal in game 4 (◕‿◕✿)



I started listening to team radios and just couldn’t stop. Especially Seb’s are so brilliant!  My personal favourites:

  1. But satisfaction.." - Monaco 2013 [x]
  2. I’m going home!" -  Turkey 2010 [x]
  3. But I want to win.." - Hungary 2011 [x]
  4. Let me quote: yeah yeah yeah yeah… I know what I’m doing" - Abu Dhabi 2013 [x]
  5. But seriously, how do you want me to pass if tell me slower and slower" - Canada 2010 [x]

Sassy team radio Seb is my favourite! 



Happy Birthday, Kris!

4/23/14 Blues @ Blackhawks, WCQF Game 4: Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews celebrate the win

4/24/14: The bench reacts to Kaner’s OT game-winning goal

4.23.14: Patrick Kane scores the overtime winner and really wants his hug.


Corey celebrating the empty netter/his shutout!